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Santa Cruz, CA - Olivia Block, leshy

11oct8:00 pmSanta Cruz, CA - Olivia Block, leshyIndexical, 1050 River St. #119 Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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Olivia Block
Olivia Block (1970) is a media artist and composer. Her discography, spanning many years, is published on Another Timbre, Black Truffle, Erstwhile, Glistening Examples, NNA Tapes, Room40, Sedimental, and Touch, among other labels. She performs live experimental music, where at any given concert she might be playing electronic instruments, piano, organ or amplified objects. Block also creates surround sound concerts, sound installations and scores.

Her latest release, The Mountains Pass, is on Black Truffle records.

Ben Krasner is an interdisciplinary sound artist, instrument builder, and pianist. Their work is playful, guided by a childlike curiosity and a desire to stretch the senses. Their material practice involves hand-building Ceramic Percussion Objects, incorporating found objects, and folding them into their electroacoustic process: open source electronics, field recording, synthesis, and various time-based systems. Composing under the name ‘leshy’, they explore echolocation, diffused temporality, feedback, queerness, ripples, rocks, and texture. They aim to develop a language that allows them to integrate the shapes and patterns that are replicated in nature, circuits, and psyche.