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From Monographie: Asmus Tietchens. Published by Auf Abwegen.


I have written extensively for both corporate and personal objectives, from product descriptions and technical details, email and social media marketing, to more complex content marketing projects. The following links show some examples of my work.


On Swans and Expressing the Inexpressible
An article for featuring an overview of the band Swans’ career through the lens of my own experience.

Whole Grains and Nutrition
An example of long-form content created for the Royal Lee Organics brand of Standard Process, Inc. Sections of this piece were used throughout other promotional items, trade show talking points, and social media posts.

Developed this section of the Royal Lee Organics site to help inform people about the characteristics and nutritional value of various whole grains, including diet compatibility and peer reviewed data. Content from particular grains were also used throughout other promotional material.

The Art of Parts
One of many content marketing articles written for a medical equipment supply client while at Element Creative. Included topic research and selection, keywords, and collaborating with the client on feature points. This was the most visited page on their site the week of publication.

Water Treatment Considerations When Buying a New Home
One of many articles written for a water treatment client while at Element Creative. Involved thorough research of two industries, keywords, and collaborating with the client on feature points. This client’s content marketing program was hugely successful for them.

Project Profile: MedellĂ­n Coliseum
One of many articles written for a sports floor client while at Element Creative. The article began with an interview with the contractor in Colombia and I also worked closely with the client on key points to feature.

Brand and various product copy within the Square/Weebly platform template. Web sales have increased by over 50% since relaunching the site in early 2021.
Brand, product, and content marketing. Involved working with the site designers on copy placement, functionality, and site strategy.
Rewrote 100+ SEO driven pages for this global bank client’s new site while at Rocket Clicks.
Wrote or coordinated all web copy for this WordPress site. Worked with the site designer on copy placement, functionality, and site strategy.


Within Things newsletter
This particular newsletter had a 96.9% open and 28.1% click rate (up from 78 and 21% from the previous email). Some of the links are outdated as the site has been relaunched on a new platform since the time of mailing.


Within Things Instagram
Daily posts promoting various books, records and art. Integrated with Square and Facebook marketplace to allow product tags that result in direct sales. Since May, the account has seen 3.4% follower increase among its nearly 50/50 gender split, 35-44 year old average demographic.