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The Examination of a Secret

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Jon Mueller’s record ‘Family Secret’ was released by American Dreams Records in early 2021. A video for the record was created by Kaveh Soofi, using photographs from Niki Feijen‘s archive of abandoned European locations to stunning effect. Quite generously, the New York Times featured the video in their music section.

A variety of publications also reviewed the recording, listed here with links:

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Doom and Gloom From the Tomb
Milwaukee Journal Sentinal
Answer is in the Beat
Son of Marketing
Chicago Reader
Breaking and Entering
Nine Circles
Foxy Digitalis
Endaural blog
Backseat Mafia
Wire (no link available – pg. 55 in the March ’21 issue)

The cover of the record also features the photography of Niki Feijen and is available on LP and digital formats in the Shop.