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What Will You Do?

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What Will You Do? is a multipart pdf document that addresses certain elements within the Death Blues project. Combining thoughts I was having about the aim of the project, to more far reaching elements of personal direction, the writing was originally posted on, shared with Kate Mytty for a project of hers, and hopefully distributed amongst individuals that found it.

Here’s a sample of one of the segments within the piece:

Throughout time, communication has occurred in innumerable methods involving sound, images, structures, systems, ideas, movement, placement, color, and many other denied and undenied things. Information overload is often a phrase used to describe the current situation but in fact the amount of information being messaged has always been much more than we might want to deal with. It may be, that now we are enticed to pay attention to more, expected to pay attention to more, and in some cases, required to pay attention to more. When we try to participate in too many conversations, or pay attention to too much information, something different for each person occurs. Think about what occurs for you in that situation, and realize that despite your answer, there are many other conversations, much other information, and a path of development for your life that’s possibly closer to your interests that’s taking place right now.

Read it in its entirety here.