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Another is comprised of a group of Milwaukee-based artists that reimagine classical elements within contemporary performance settings. The group combines sound composition, dance, movement and chance procedure to embody the poetic nature of the present moment and to experiment with the visceral experience of the passage of time. Featuring choreography by Dawn Springer, piano by Erin Wolf, lap steel guitar by Shawn Stephany, percussion by Jon Mueller, and dance by various artists.

I first imagined the music for Another as something that moved extremely slow at a very soft volume. Each player would work with 2-3 note patterns and play them at a rate of their own choosing, playing off the same decisions of the other players, trying not to cross notes or give the sense of the music being rushed.

Dawn’s ideas for choreography involved ballet-style dance that utilized the sound of the dancer’s shoes as an added texture to the glassine-like sound. Ideally, the dancer’s begin to lose themselves enough in the dance that they begin to play with that sound as it integrates within the patterns the musician’s play, so that there is always a sense of ‘another’ for all involved.

Performances have been given at the Urban Ecology Center in Milwaukee, WI and Esch Studio, Lawrence University, Appleton, WI.