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Art City Asks

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Art City is an online journal about visual art, the urban landscape and design. Mary Louise Schumacher, the Journal Sentinel’s art and architecture critic, leads the discussion and a community of writers contribute to the dialogue.

In advance of Jon Mueller’s performance at the Haggerty Museum of Art, Art City contributor Shane McAdams conducted an interview that covered current projects, interesting books, film and music, but also deeper issues around desired changes, first experiences with art, culture shifts and failure. Here’s part of the introduction:

“The individual who came to the door and engaged me in one of the best 90-minute conversations I’ve had this century was equal parts unassuming suburbanite and pure, galloping drumbeat of radical brilliance and intellectual generosity. Our connection, and his capacities, owe largely to how he inhabits the very (apparent) contradictions that stirred my curiosity in the first place.

Mueller is deeply interested in how creativity incubates in places beyond the bohemian proving grounds of the proper art world, in places where art isn’t typically celebrated: at the office; in the shower; within the quiet suburbs of Midwestern cities. And he rides the cadences and rhythms of these various extra artistic circumstances back into more traditional art and music venues.”

The full article and interview can be read here.