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Witching Hour

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Witching Hour

As part of the Witching Hour festival on November 6-7 in Iowa City, Jon Mueller gave a talk and performance dealing with the festival’s theme of the ‘the unknown.’ The talk covered childhood experiences of drawing music, imagining performance, music’s ability to connect strangers, its ability to physically transport people, how it was used before and after 1880, and the mystery of the energy that it contains and inspires, and how these things led toward Mueller’s project, A Magnetic Center.

The festival also featured a wide range of presenters, chefs, comedians, actors, filmmakers, musicians, writers, farmers, magicians and more: Andrew Sherburne, Andy Schumacher, Arish Singh, Ava Cheyenne, Brian Posehn, Brooke L. Kimbrough, Chase Garrett, Clare Roth, Cornelia Lang, Courtenay Bouvier, Damien Williams, Doomtree, Emily Carlson, Eric Holmes, Jason England, Justin Kerr, Kaitlyn Busbee, Kerry Howley, Kneebody + Daedelus, Kristy Hartsgrove Mooers, Lara Beitz, Leslie Nolte, Maids, Mark Stastny, Megan Gogerty, Mei-Ling Shaw, Michael Berglund, Nate Staniforth, Odinaka Ezeokoli, Paintallica, Rachel Chavkin, Rachel Cruz, Rachel Hatch, Rachel Yoder, Ryan West, Sandra Allen, Sean Lewis, Shanti Sellz, Simone Banks, Spencer Loucks, Stacey Walker, Su Friedrich, Telegraph Canyon, The Spacesuits, Tim Barnes and Wand.

Each participant was invited to present about ‘the unknown’ within their work, in order to learn about the different ways people make things, have conversations, and find inspiration. It was a unique theme and format and an interesting way to learn and think about one topic from a variety of perspectives.

More information can be found at the festival site.