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Reviews of dHrAaNwDn

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Jon Mueller

“The music registers as a vibrating, moving force rather than a mere drum solo.”

– The Wire Magazine

“dHrAaNwDn hits harder than a drone-out and more comprehensively than the huge push of air that accompanies an explosion”


“The drumming is euphoric and revelatory, somehow both meditative and bombastic, and sounds absolutely huge.”

Decoder Magazine

“What a beautiful and elegant release.”

A Closer Listen

“This is a record unlike any other (even other Mueller records), this is him at his most euphoric and hypnotic, the bridge between two worlds manifested in a single human’s body. Hearing this is humbling, and I can hardly imagine what seeing the performance live was like.”

Anti-Gravity Bunny

“If there has been a running theme throughout Jon Mueller’s career, it would be his exploration of the intersection between sound and spirituality. dHrAaNwDn (Hand Drawn) is perhaps among the most fully realized examples of his passions, however. A stunning double record set, the audio is culled from six hours of improvised percussion performances recorded live in the Shaker Meeting House of Albany, New York, exemplifying not only Mueller’s adeptness at performing, but his ear for recording and capturing environments as well.”


More info on the release can be found here.