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Word in Layers

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Interviews about creative work often discuss the details of the work from a technical standpoint, but occasionally, discussion about deeper motives and ideas can surface. But rarely are the interviews entirely about those things. Here are a few that peeled the layers back and stood gaping for awhile. Each are podcasts, which allow much more stream-of-consciousness dialog to take place than a written Q&A would. Hope you enjoy!

Simply Superior
A challenging discussion where Andrew McKenzie asks Jon Mueller why, what, how, who, and what if?

Crucial Listening
Jack Chuter asks Jon about 3 important albums from his life, and the stories around them.

Third Eye Drops
Michael Phillip talks with Jon Mueller about how creative work can sometimes be about work for/on/with yourself.

The Astral Hustle
The link brings you to two podcasts where Cory Allen and Jon Mueller dig into the meaning of things, and the act of living itself.